• by Mike McGuire
    WEST LIBERTY, Iowa (June 14, 2020) – Day two of the Lucas Oil MLRA Late Model tour of Eastern Iowa had only one leader, that was Billy Moyer Sr. Moyer led every lap of the 30-lap A-Main and pocketed a check for $5,000.
    Moyer started on the pole and sped out to the early lead. Tyler Bruening was running second with Brian Birkhofer third. Just after halfway, the pace of the race started taking a toll. Several caution flags flew over a five lap period, most were due to flat tires.
    After the restarts, Moyer cruised to the victory followed by Tyler Bruening. Tony Jackson Jr., Tony Toste, and Mitch McGrath completed the top five. Moyer, Bruening, Birkhofer, and Bobby Pierce won the late model heat races. Will Vaught and Payton Looney won the B-Mains.
    Cayden Carter topped the Modified field and won the $1,000 prize. Carter followed pole sitter Terry Rentfro for the first seven laps of the feature. On lap eight, Carter moved into the lead and never looked back. Rentfro held on for a second place finish. Kurt Kile charged to a third place result. Denny Eckrich and Jarrett Brown rounded out the top five.
    The SportMod feature saw Tim Plummer dominate the main. Plummer led flag to flag for the victory. Brayton Carter worked his way through the field, but had to settle for second. Ryan Walker drove to third place with Colton Livezey fourth, and James Roose fifth.
    The American Iron Racing Series cars were also racing Sunday. Robin Atkins blistered the field for the win. Bart Miller rallied late and came away with second. Bruce Yoerger finished third, followed by Scott Fridley and Dan Kessler.
    West Liberty Raceway
    June 14, 2020
    Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models
    Heat 1: 1.Billy Moyer Sr.; 2.Chad Holladay; 3.Tony Toste; 4.Jeremiah Hurst; 5.Matt Furman;
    Heat 2: 1.Tyler Bruening; 2.Jonathan Brauns; 3.Chris Simpson; 4.Spencer Diercks; 5.Jeremy Grady;
    Heat 3: 1.Brian Birkhofer; 2.Tony Jackson Jr.; 3.Mike Spatola; 4.Chad Simpson; 5.Will Vaught;
    Heat 4: 1.Bobby Pierce; 2.Ryan Gustin; 3.Mitch McGrath; 4.Jason Papich; 5.Garrett Alberson; 
    B-Feature 1: 1.Payton Looney; 2.Matt Furman; 3.Justin Duty; 4.Jeremy Conaway; 5.Jeremy Grady;
    B-Feature 2: 1.Will Vaught; 2.Garrett Alberson; 3.Andy Eckrich; 4.Dennis Erb Jr.; 5.Nick Marolf;
    Feature: 1.Billy Moyer Sr.; 2.Tyler Bruening; 3.Tony Jackson Jr.; 4.Tony Toste; 5.Mitch McGrath; 6.Chris Simpson; 7.Ryan Gustin; 8.Jason Papich; 9.Spencer Diercks; 10.Payton Looney; 11.Will Vaught; 12.Chad Simpson; 13.Jeremiah Hurst; 14.Justin Duty; 15.Mike Spatola; 16.Garrett Alberson; 17.Jeremy Conaway; 18.Matt Furman; 19.Jonathan Brauns; 20.Brian Birkhofer; 21.Chad Holladay; 22.Bobby Pierce; 23.Jeremy Grady; 24.Andy Eckrich;
    Heat #1: 1. Terry Rentfro; 2. Chris Zogg; 3. Austin Paul; 4. Kurt Kile; 5. Dalton Simonsen;
    Heat #2: 1. Cayden Carter; 2. Denny Eckrich; 3. Steve Johnson; 4. Jarrett Brown; 5. Andrew Schroeder;
    Feature: 1. Cayden Carter; 2. Terry Rentfro; 3. Kurt Kile; 4. Denny Eckrich; 5. Jarrett Brown; 6. Dalton Simonsen; 7. Steve Johnson; 8. Andrew Schroeder; 9. Dakota Simmons; 10. Derek Walker; 11. Jordan Walker; 12. Austin Paul; 13. Barry Dugan; 14. Derrick Stewart; 15. John Connolly; 16. Kyle Madden; 17. Chris Zogg;
    Heat #1: 1. Stump Brockert; 2. Ryan Walker; 3. Brayton Carter; 4. Colton Livezey; 5. Barry Dugan;
    Heat #2: 1. Tim Plummer; 2. Curtis VanDerWal; 3. Scott Brau; 4. James Roose; 5. Trey Rock;
    Feature: 1. Tim Plummer; 2. Brayton Carter; 3.Ryan Walker; 4. Colton Livezey; 5. James Roose; 6. Curtis VanDerWal; 7. Stump Brockert; 8. Scott Brau; 9. Justin Schroeder; 10. Alex Hamer; 11. Trey Rock; 12. Ryan Harris; 13. Barry Dugan; 14. Joel Payne; 15. Tyler Owens; 16. Brendon Schultheis;
    Heat #1: 1. Bruce Yoerger; 2. Dennis Etten; 3. Scott Fridley; 4. Tim Bader; 5. Brian Gade;
    Heat #2: 1. Robin Atkins; 2. Bart Miller; 3. Dan Kessler; 4, Dan Thompson; 5. Bryan Caspary;
    Feature: 1. Robin Atkins; 2. Bart Miller; 3. Bruce Yoerger; 4. Scott Fridley; 5. Dan Kessler; 6. Tim Bader; 7. Dennis Etten; 8. Dan Thompson; 9. Bryan Caspary; 10. Brian Gade; 11. Bob Mingst; 12. Travis Heier;