• by Mike McGuire
    WEST LIBERTY, Ia. (August 10, 2019) – Mid-Summer Madness 2 provided plenty of excitement at West Liberty Raceway, on Saturday night. Tons of side by side racing and a couple of late race passes for wins kept the crowd entertained all night long.
    The main event was Modifieds racing for a $2,000 top prize. In the feature, Kurt Kile got out to the early lead. Cayden Carter of Oskaloosa, slowly worked his way through the top five and with three laps to go, would pass Kile for the lead. Carter led the rest of the way to the checkers and the big check.
    Kile would settle for second, with Dakota Hayden making a strong run for third. Jeff Larson finished fourth ahead of Chris Zogg.
    Modified heat wins went to Zogg, Carter, and DJ Shannon.
    SportMods were also competing for a big payday with $1,000 on the line. In the feature, Matt Fulton took the early lead and held it until lap five. Logan Anderson of Eddyville was next to take the point. His time in the lead was cut short by Curtis VanDerWal of Oskaloosa. Curtis powered into the lead and then started to pull away from the field.
    Anderson finished second, while Brayton Carter finished third. Tim Plummer and Fulton rounded out the top five. Anderson, Carter, Brendon Schultheis, and Brandon Dale won the heat races. Blaine Webster and Ryan Harris captured the B-Mains.
    David Brandies and Johnny Spaw put on a show in the Stock Car portion of the program. The pair were nose-to-tail or door-to-door for most of the race. Spaw held the early lead, but it was Brandies grabbing the lead late in the race and taking the win. Following Brandies and Spaw to the checkers were Scott Dickey, Tad Payne, and Tom Cannon, in that order.
    Steven Struck proved to be the class of the field in 4-Stock competition. Jason Nash took second with Cody Staley third.
    The American Iron Racing Series was the guest class for the evening. Bruce Yoerger took the lead midway through the race, then held off Bart Miller for the win.
    Next up for DRT TRAK Racing Inc., is Modified Madness at Cedar County Raceway on Friday, August 16th. Racing action returns to West Liberty Raceway on August 24th, when the Deery Brothers Summer Series comes to town.
    West Liberty Raceway Speedway                                                                                           
    August 10, 2019 –
    Heat #1: 1. Chris Zogg; 2. Jarrett Brown; 3. Denny Eckrich; 4. Kenny Kostenbader;
    Heat #2: 1. Cayden Carter; 2. Brad Dierks; 3. Matt Fulton; 4. Dakota Hayden;
    Heat #3: 1. DJ Shannon; 2. Kurt Kile; 3. Chad Holladay; 4. Jeff Larson;
    Feature: 1. Cayden Carter; 2. Kurt Kile; 3. Dakota Hayden; 4. Jeff Larson; 5. Chris Zogg; 6. Chad Holladay; 7. Derrick Stewart; 8. Denny Eckrich; 9. Jarrett Brown; 10. Ethan Braaksma; 11. Nick Marolf; 12. DJ Shannon; 13. Matt Fulton; 14. Brandon Banks; 15. Jordan Walker; 16. Dustin Smith; 17. Craig Spegal; 18. Lance Schlicher; 19. Brad Dierks; 20. Derek Walker; 21. Rick Husmann; 22. Kenny Kostenbader; 23. Rusty Daufeldt;
    Heat #1: 1. Logan Anderson; 2. Matt Fulton; 3. Curtis VanDerWal; 4. Charile Weber;
    Heat #2: 1. Brendon Schultheis; 2. Tim Plummer; 3. Ryan Walker; 4. Danny Brau;
    Heat #3: 1. Brandon Dale; 2. Carter VanDenBerg; 3. Nick Aupperle; 4. Blaine Webster;
    Heat #4: 1. Brayton Carter; 2. Jacob Arp; 3. Justin Schroeder; 4. Ryan Harris;
    Semi #1: 1. Blaine Webster; 2. Charlie Weber; 3. Colton Livzey; 4. Troy Philpott;
    Semi #2: 1. Ryan Harris; 2. Scott Brau; 3. Danny Brau; 4. Tyler Owens;
    Feature: 1. Curtis VanDerWal; 2. Logan Anderson; 3. Brayton Carter; 4. Tim Plummer; 5. Matt Fulton; 6. Nick Aupperle; 7. Ryan Walker; 8. Brandon Dale; 9. Charlie Weber; 10. Blaine Webster; 11. Scott Brau; 12. Carter VanDenBerg; 13. Brendon Schultheis; 14. Troy Philpott; 15. Jacob Arp; 16. Colton Livzey; 17. Ryan Harris; 18. Jared Jones; 19. Kolin King; 20. Danny Brau; 21. Levi Heath; 22. Tyler Owens; 23. Justin Schroeder; 24. Barry Dugan;
    Stocks Cars  
    Heat #1: 1. David Brandies; 2. Johnny Spaw; 3. Tom Cannon; 4. Scott Dickey;
    Feature: 1. David Brandies; 2. Johnny Spaw 3. Scott Dickey; 4. Tad Payne; 5. Tom Cannon; 6. Tyler Moore; 7. Matt Picray;
    4 Cylinders
    Heat #1: 1. Joe Zrostlik; 2. Levi Heath; 3. Ryan Havel; 4. Jacob Smith;
    Heat #2: 1. Steven Struck ; 2. Brad Chandler; 3. Jason Nash; 4. Brandon Cruise;
    Feature: 1. Steven Struck; 2. Jason Nash; 3. Cody Staley; 4. Ryan Havel; 5. Brad Chandler; 6. Levi Heath; 7. Jacob Smith; 8. Brandon Cruise; 9. Joe Zrostlik; 10. Dustin Frymoyer; 11. Shane Evans; (1-DNS)
    Heat #1: 1. Bart Miller; 2. Dennis Etten; 3. Robin Atkins; 4. Bruce Yoerger;
    Feature: 1. Bruce Yoerger; 2. Bart Miller; 3. Dennis Etten; 4. Robin Atkins; 5. Travis Heier; 6. Mike Arp; 7. Justin Stock; 8. Bryan Caspary; (1-DNS)